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When a bride visits our studio or calls THE WHITE LINE asking for an “affordable” photographer, “budget-friendly” venue, or “reasonably-priced” DJ, I never know what to say. Actually, I do know what to say, but I’m sure it’s not the answer the bride is looking for. I’m sure brides use these words because they are afraid to use actual numbers (as previously discussed in this post), but I am not a mind-reader. I wouldn’t dare guess your budget based on how you talk, the clothes you’re wearing, or the size of the ring on your finger. I have no idea what is reasonable or affordable for you because I don’t know your budget! Brides, please don’t email vendors asking for such services. You must understand that what seems unreasonable to you might be very reasonable for someone else. No bride – even she who has millions to spend – wants a vendor whose pricing is unreasonable in her mind. If you have $20,000 to spend on your wedding, you may think $5,000 for wedding planning services is “overpriced” (25% of my budget!), when in fact it could be the deal of the century considering the level of service offered. If the cost of services quoted to you is more than you can afford, that doesn’t mean the services are overpriced. If you find yourself in this situation, simply say, “Thank you for your time, but unfortunately that is more than my budget allows. Do you offer anything in the $____ range?” If you’d rather avoid the above conversation, be candid about your budget constraints from the start. When emailing a potential cake designer, for example, include a line that says, “I have a budget of $1,200 for 200 guests. Do you offer any cakes in that price range?” Not only will your vendors appreciate it, you’ll save yourself a lot of time.

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