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YLE has gathered together some of the top yellow flowers used for weddings and included their availability so you can better plan for your own wedding.

1.  Chrysanthemum:  Available year-round.  Colors-White, Purple, Yellow, Bronze and Dyed.  Characteristics-Single composite flower 3-8″ across with abundant tubular petals on an 18-36″ stem.  Lasting quality-7-14 days.  Meaning-Hope; Cheerfulness; Rest; Optimism; Truth; Birth flower for November; Yellow:  secret admirer; slighted love.

2.  Dahlia:  Available June through October.  Colors-White, Lavender, Purple, Pink, Magenta, Red, Burgundy, Peach, Orange, Yellow, Bicolor.  Characteristics-Flower shape and size depend on variety.  Composite blooms are 4-6″ across, but some can reach 10-12″ across.  Stems are 12-36″ long.  Some have daisy-like centers.  Lasting Quality-7-10 days.  Meaning-Treachury; Elegance and dignity; Instability; good taste; forever thine; associated with 14th wedding anniversary.

3.  Freesia:  Available year-round.  Colors-White, Lavender, Purple, Pink, Magenta, Red, Orange, Yellow, Bicolor.  Characteristics-Thin stems bear one-sided spikes of 4-8 flowers.  Fragrant, tubular flowers are about 1 1/2″ long and are available in single or double blooms.  Stems are 9-18″ long.  Lasting Quality-7-10 days.  Meaning-Innoncence; spirited; careful and calm love; thoughtfulness.

4.  Gerbera:  Available year-round.  Colors-White, Pink, Magenta, Red, Burgundy, Peach, Orange, Yellow, Bicolor.  Characteristics-Flat-faced, daisy-like flowers are 205″ across on hollow leafless stems 12-24″ long.  Flowers may be single or double with light or dark centers.  Lasting quality-5-7 days.  Meaning-Pretty and strong; enduring purity.

5.  Miniature Calla Lily: Available year-round.  Colors-White, Pink, Yellow, Green, Lavender, PUrple, Red, Peach, Orange, Bicolor, Dyed.  Characteristics- Flowers are borne on a spadix at the end of the stem.  Colored spathes are 2″ long and 10–14″ straight stems.  Lasting Quality-4-8 days.  Meaning-Magnificent beauty; regal; associated with 6th wedding anniversary.

6.  Orchid:  There are a few different types of orchids that come in the yellow color (cymbidium, novelty and spray).  We are going to write about the cymbidium orchid.  Availability is year-round.  Colors-White, Lavender, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green.  Characteristics-Ten to twelve flowers, 3-4″ across, grow clustered along stems 12-28″ in length.  Lasting Quality-7-10 days.  Meaning-Love; refinement; symbol for many children; ecstasy; promotes strength; rare beauty. 

7.  Ranunculus:  Available December through May.  Colors-White, purple, pink, magenta, red, burgundy, peach, orange, yellow.  Characteristics-Bowl-shaped 1-4″ flowers with mny papery petals atop 10-15″ hollow stems.  Flower forms may be single or double.  Lasting quality-3-7 days.  Meaning- You are rich in attractions; radiant charm.

8. Rose: Available year-round.  Colors-White, Lavender, Purple, Pink, Magenta, Red, Burgundy, Peach, Orange, Yellow, Green, Bicolor, Dyed.  Characteristics-Single 1 1/2-2″ bud opens to a 3-5″ flower on a 15-36″ stem.  Lasting quality-5-7 days.  Meaning-Spirit flower; beauty; love; passion; perfection; birth flower for June; National Flower of the United States; Associated with 15th wedding anniversary; Thornless:  love at first sight. 

9.  Sunflower:  Available year round.  Colors-Yellow, Brown, Bicolor and Dyed.  Characteristics – Single, long-petaled daisy-like flowers are 3-8″ across on 20-40″ stems.  Single, double and teddy bear varieties are available.  Lasting Quality-7-10 days.  Meaning-Haughtiness; Power; Adoration;Devotion; You are splendid; Homage.

10.  Tulip:  Available Part of October and November through May.  Colors-White, Lavender, Purple, Pink, Magenta, Red, Peach, Orange, Yellow, Green, Bicolor.  Characteristics-Flowers are 2-4″ atop 12-24″ stems.  Lasting quality-3-7 days.  Meaning-perfect lover; fame; yellow-hopeless love; perfect love; there’s sunshine in y our smile; variegated:  beautiful eyes; enchantment.

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