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Tonya from Circle City Planners featured on YourLifEvents Wedding BlogToday’s featured article is written by Tonya Shadoan of Circle City Planners.  We love this spunky, fun loving wedding planner.  Talk to her or any of her team members and your sold – they have impeccable taste and will help you take your wedding to the next level!

When it comes to Circle City Planners and Circle City Designers what color comes to mind??? Well, you guessed it … PINK. Not only do we love pink,we live and breathe pink from our office, to our clothes, right down to the shoes we wear, it’s all about pink.

I fought loving and showcasing pink for the longest time when I began my business years ago. But what I found out was that I always went back to the color that made me feel most comfortable. PINK, PINK, PINK.

It’s so fun to see the grooms come into our office and sit in our girly, zebra chairs surrounded by the bubble gum shades on the walls. I try not to scare them off too much, but warn them that the next few months to almost a year they will spend hours in that exact chair smiling at their lovely brides.

But pink doesn’t have to be you, that’s the great thing about my job. I help you discover your favorite color.

What does your favorite color say about you?  We take color very personal, finding and discovering what soothes your soul when it comes to your wedding colors. Are you wanting to create a cozy, warm environment OR are you trying to convey a wild, fun-entertaining feel for your event? No matter what color you decide, it’s all about how it makes you feel.

I don’t like to design a wedding around colors; I like to find inspirational elements in your environment that evoke a feeling between you and your groom. That’s the difference between a good designer and a GREAT one. So the next time you are at Home Depot, go look at those paint swatches and see which ones make you smile.

Wedding Love and Hugs,


What Do Your Wedding Colors Say About You?

Your wedding colors can greatly impact the style and ambience of your special day. Some colors create a fun, vibrant environment while others create a sense of sophistication. Choosing a color palette that reflects your personality will help create the style you want at your wedding.

White: White is symbolic of purity and innocence. This adds a clean, fresh color to any palette. Brides who choose white as part of their color scheme might be seeking a color that adds simplicity to their wedding.

Black: This is a conservative choice for any bride and compliments almost any color. Black is a classic, never trendy, modern choice for a bride. Brides who want to create an ambience of sophistication might choose black as part of their color palette.

Red: This is a romantic choice for brides. It can represent a bride who is outgoing or ambitious. Brides who choose red as part of their color palette might be wanting to add a dramatic feel to their special day.

Pink: Brides who choose pink might be affectionate and nurturing. This adds a “girlish” feel to any wedding color palette. Light pinks can add a soft, romantic feel to a wedding day while brighter pinks add a sense of fun and excitement.

Purple: This color is often associated with royalty. A bride who chooses purple might be charming and witty. Purple often adds a sense of luxury to any color palette. This color was the hottest color in 2010 so brides who choose this color might be trendy.

Orange: Brides who choose orange are bold and spontaneous! Orange is a trendy hue that is typically found during the summer or fall months. Brides who choose orange might be extremely social and have an excitement for life!

Yellow: A bride who is cheerful and optimistic might choose this color as part of their wedding day. Yellow adds a sense of warmth to any wedding color palette. Along with orange, brides typically choose to add this color during the summer and fall months.

Green: Brides, who choose green as part of their wedding colors, might have a connection to nature. Green adds a clean, fresh color to the wedding palette. This color tends to represent someone who is responsible and refined.

Brown: This color represents comfort and honesty. Brides who choose brown might want to add a neutral color to their wedding color palette. Rich chocolate brown can add a dramatic effect while tan can add a modest effect.

Blue: A bride, who chooses blue as part of her wedding palette, might be compassionate and calm. Like pink, the feeling of blue can greatly depend on the hue of blue chosen by the bride. Teal creates a more fun, bold environment while midnight blue creates a sense of sophistication similar to black.

Tonya Shadoan is the owner of Circle City Planners.  Brides are taken on the CCP journey exploring their wedding vision as our planners guide them through each step of the planning process.  Tonya has earned the designation of Professional Bridal Consultant TM and is a Member of the Association of Bridal Consultants and International Special Events Society. 

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