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Day 3:  Spinach, two strawberries, half a lemon (peeled), big chuck of ginger root, 1/4 cucumber, small apple, dollop of apple juice.  Blend.  Tastes like: good, really good actually.  Strawberries are nice addition and the peeled lemon took away the bitterness of the non-peeled lemon.

Day 4:  Spinach, two strawberries, half a lemon (peeled), one carrot, big chunk of ginger root, 1/4 cucumber, small apple, 1 tangerine, dollop of apple juice.  Blend.  Tastes like:  even better than yesterday.  I’m kind of out of balance with the fruit to vege ratio though.  I did add a carrot which was missing from yesterday’s juice, so that helps.  The strawberries and the tangerine definitely give it a nice juicy taste.  Tomorrow, going to try to add a bit more greens to get a more even balance.

It’s not actually the end of my juicing, just the end of me talking about it – it’s really not that interesting I don’t think;)  I did have to take a whack of antibiotics recently and I moved over to yogurt/fruit smoothies to put all the good stuff back in my body and that’s been tasty too.  I bought some tart frozen yogurt at Fresh & Easy and use that in the smoothies which is really yummy.

I’ve found that it’s a great way to get veggies in my body that I wasn’t getting before, but I believe that by juicing them, I am missing out on the fiber benefit or something that my body would have by actually eating these veggies.  Also, I imagine how full I would be if I actually ate all these veggies, but when I drink them I (1) pee an exorbitant amount, and (2) I am hungry within an hour.

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