{Beauty} 10 Quick (and long term) Fixes for Color or Sun Damaged Hair
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I was born a blonde and as far as I’m concerned that is the color I will stay.  Needless to say, I bleach my hair.  This wasn’t as much of an issue when I had short hair, but when I told my hair stylist and colorist that I wanted to grow my hair out nice Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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I love sleep – naps, night time, sleeping in…So when our son came along, I was in for a rude awakening – literally!  Every two hours snatched out of a dreamy sleep by a screaming child is not for the faint of heart.  I’ll admit it, it is one of the selfish reasons for us Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{Parenting/Kids} Stressed with Kids this Summer? Reduce Stress & Re-Energize
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As a Mom/Blogger/Crafter who also has a full-time job (not including the one called “Mom”), I am lucky that our company provides back-up care from Bright Horizons.  But it’s not just something a company has to take care of, you can take a look into back-up care options as well.  From places like Bright Horizons Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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The most important things you can do to stay healthy are: Get recommended screening tests, Be tobacco free, Be physically active, Eat a healthy diet, Stay at a healthy weight, and Take preventive medicines if you need them. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and lean protein will help with your diet.  Checking your BMI Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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I spent my birthday weekend in sunny 100+ degree weather in Palm Springs, and am happy to report I have returned with nary a sunburn.  I was diligent about applying and re-applying sunscreen as well as staying in the shade.  I even remembered to put it on my scalp – something I often forget and Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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Kids need good nutrition to help them stay alert and learn at school.  Fruits and vegetables are a big part of good nutrition.  Follow the tips here:  Back to School. from www.fruitsandveggiesmatter.gov

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Take your slimming snacks and create magnificent meals.  Need inspiration?  Here’s one of my favorites: 2 of my favorite slimming snacks are low-fat cottage cheese and avocado.  Both of these are great slimming snack items on their own, but take it up a notch to create a magnificent meal.  Take a dollop of cottage cheese Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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As a woman about to be in her 40’s, I’ve learned that if I’m going to wear lipstick, I really should also apply lipliner in order to avoid that feathery look. You know the one, you see it on old ladies all the time – where their lipstick is seeping strangely into their wrinkles. ICK! Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{Feast} Bombay Chicken – Eat Your Way to Healthy
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This recipe is provided to us from JJ Virgin, celebrity nutrionist and wellness expert and Leanne Ely of www.SavingDinner.com.  Whether you’re trying to lose those last few pounds of pregnancy weight, trying to look your best on your wedding day, or just wanting to improve your overrall health and wellness, JJ is chock full of information Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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