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I’m in love with this salad.  It’s filling and it’s healthy and it satisfies my craving for ‘real’ food.  You know, it’s not rabbit food.  You leave feeling satiated and happy because it tastes good and it’s good for you. Ingredients: Wild Rocket Salad (optional: include any other kind of greens – kale, chard, spinach Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{Sip} Juicing - It's All The Rage You Know
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So awhile back I tried a 3 day detox juice cleanse from Detox Lounge here in San Diego.  First, I’ll say that the juices themselves tasted good.  That is the number one, most important thing for me if I’m going to eat, er drink nothing but juice for three days.  There’s plenty of information out Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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So, I officially believe I have the world’s pickiest eater.  If he’s not the world’s pickiest, he’s at least in the top 5.  K used to go to daycare and they would tell me all the wonderful foods he would eat – strawberries, hummus, salmon – yes, SALMON.  Even not so wonderful food like hot dogs.  Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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For Father’s Day, I took Chris to a wonderful Moroccan restaurant here in San Diego called Kous Kous.  We ordered one of its ‘Feasts’.  At the end of the feast, they served this amazingly refreshing dessert that as the waiter described perfectly, somehow makes you feel lighter.  The waiter was kind enough to give me Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{Feast} Caprese Bruschetta Recipe
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I really didn’t know what to call this recipe.  I just sort of made it up as I went along knowing the items we had in our CSA box and what I like to eat.  I love caprese salad.  I love bruschetta.  We had fresh basil from our CSA box that was in desperate need Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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Pesto is hands down one of the easiest things to make.  Assuming you have a food processor or blender.  An immersion blender MAY work, but since I’ve never tried it, I can’t say for sure – you let me know;)  Classic pesto consists of a few simple ingredients: basil, olive oil, parmesan or pecorino cheese, garlic, marjoram, Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{Feast} Zucchini Squash Pasta Recipe
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This week in our CSA box, we found this: and this: and with those, we made this:  What that you say?  It looks like slop.  Like weird, yucky slop you’d feed to chickens maybe?  Yes, I completely agree with you – on how it looks.  But, sometimes not all things that taste delicious, look delicious.  Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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Yep, you guessed it, we received Mustard Greens in our CSA box.  While I’ve made mustard greens before with lots of garlic and cream and they were quite yummy, we are trying to experience new things with the items in our vege CSA box.  So, once again, my sleuther husband found this ridiculously yummy recipe.  Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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Remember that post where I talked about our vege CSA and how we received a lot of vegetables that we had to google because we had absolutely no idea what they were?  Yep, this is one of them.  Upon first glance, you think maybe it’s some type of ‘green’, you know mustard green, collard green Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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